What is Longarm Machine Quilting?

I put your quilt layers together in style 


My APQS Millennium longarm quilting machine is like a sewing machine on steroids.

The machine head is giant, with a throat depth of 26″ x 10.5″, straddling a 14 foot long table, allowing me to quilt just about any size quilt.

14 Feet is nearly the height of an adult giraffe. The width of two cars parked side by side. And fully twice the length of a California King sized bed.

So as long as your quilt is shorter than an adult giraffe, I can quilt it!


Why should I have Sharon do my quilting?


You’ve just finished your quilt top and need to put the top, batting and backing together, and get them quilted.

Maybe you’ve taken a quilting class, and practiced on the samples they gave you, and even did well with them.

But now you’re getting ready to put the quilt layers together and you’re beginning to ask yourself questions:

  • Where in the house can I lay it out? All of a sudden it looks very big.
  • If I manage to find enough space to lay it out, can I keep the kids, spouse and pets off it long enough to get it pinned? Do I even have enough pins?
  • Do I need to baste it? And if so, how do I baste it?
  • Can I possibly fit all of this material under the arm of my sewing machine? My machine looks so little now.
  • What if I need to turn the quilt? This bulk isn’t going to be easy to maneuver!

You’re not dealing with a sample anymore; you have a lot of time and money invested in your quilt top, and you want the finished product to look as good as your work. You want a quilt that you can proudly present to your loved one or drape over your bed without cringing as you crawl under it each night.

So what do you do? You call me!


This is my specialty


With over 12 years of longarming experience, and 20 years of quilting expertise, having made over 300 quilts from start to finish, and finished more than 400 client quilts as a longarmer, I have the experience to treat your quilt right!

Don’t take my word for it. Read some of my client’s testimonials:


Read CLIENT Testimonials


What else?

How does this work?

Call, text, or email me to discuss your quilt, and arrange a time to come by and drop it off. At that time, we’ll pick out designs and thread colors together, estimate a price and turnaround time.

What designs are available?

With the CompuQuilter computer assisted designer, there is a nearly endless variety of designs. I currently have over four hundred motifs, heirloom designs and pantographs, and if you want something that I don’t have, it can usually be purchased.

What Threads Are Available?

I favor the Superior Threads  “So Fine” line, a high quality thread that is ideal for longarm machine quilting.

They have almost any color, both solids and variegated, and together we can pick out one that will compliment your quilt best.